Episode 038 - Plotting our drinks

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In this episode, we’re joined by Shirley Wu, a Freelance Software Engineer who focuses on Data Visualization. Shirley shares a lot of knowledge about Data Visualization using JavaScript. Items mentioned in the episode An Interactive Visualization of Every Line in Hamilton, Evernote, D3, Drupal, Workday, Mike Bostock, Raphaël, Victory, Web Components episode, Smoothie Charts, Backbone, Angular, React, Highcharts, Chartbeat, Ember, React Faux DOM,, Susie Lu, Elijah Meeks, Data Visualization About Evictions in San Francisco, Shirley's Frontend Masters Workshop on D3, Bay Area d3 User Group, Interactive Data Visualization for the Web, D3.js in Action, Visual Cinnamon, Edward Tufte Books, FlowingData, R, Visualising Data Picks Domestic Data Streamers - Shirley Wu Openviz - Shirley Wu D3 Unconf - Shirley Wu Data Stories Podcast - Shirley Wu Shop Talk Show - React with Netflix - Ryan Burgess Amplifi - Ryan Burgess svgomg - Stacy London Ellen Allien’s new album Nost - Stacy London Pokemon Terminal - Augustus Yuan How Selections Work - Augustus Yuan D3-Annotation - Augustus Yuan Web Typography for Non-Designers - Jem Young The Story of O.J. - Jem Young

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