Episode 036 - First drink in a new bar

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Starting a new job is never easy, but a good onboarding process can make all the difference. In this episode, we talk about our experiences with onboarding at companies we’ve worked at and share our thoughts on what makes a good experience when starting a new job. Items mentioned in the episode Evernote, MySQL, Brew, Tomcat, Atlassian, Docker, Reed Hastings, Java, Struts, Stash, Gulp, npm, Bitbucket, Confluence, PostgreSQL, Django, Python, Accidently destroyed production database Picks Masters of Scale - Ryan Burgess Mr. Chilly - Ryan Burgess Stockstream - Augustus Yuan Scrimba - Augustus Yuan Sam Felt’s House Party Playlist - Ryan Anklam Yarn determinism - Ryan Anklam A Unified Styling Language - Stacy London Outgoing Society by Shed - Stacy London

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