Episode 030 - Static site generators and dynamic drink drinkers

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Websites have gotten a lot more complicated over the years. What happened to static HTML? In this episode we’re joined by Harry Wolff, the creator of Reptar, to talk about leveraging build tools to create static generated sites. We talk about the pros and cons of leveraging a static site generator for a website. We also discuss some of the tools available to help you get started. Items mentioned in the episode Reptar, MongoDB, Github, Jekyll, Dropbox, Wordpress, Markdown, Atom, AWS, Express, Restify, FTP, React, Webpack, Medium, Gist, Highlight JS, Prisim, Yarn, npm, Facebook, Rugrats, Ghost, Metalsmith, Segment, Hugo, Go, Hexo, Markdown-it, YAML, Joi, Redux, StaticGen, Gatsby JS, Nunjucks, Browserify, Less, Sass, Babel, ES2015, Async await, Graph QL, Relay, Closure, Handlebars Picks Node 7.6 - Harry Wolff Legion - Harry Wolff Calvin Harris - Slide - Harry Wolff Reptar - Harry Wolff CODE: Debugging the Gender Gap - Ryan Burgess ZippGo - Ryan Burgess Metasmoke - Augustus Yuan Open Source Guides - Augustus Yuan Ultimate Beast Master - Jem Young Shibesbot - Jem Young Distiller - Derrick Showers Pac-man Multiplayer - Derrick Showers Home Brewing Beer - Brian Holt Webpackbin - Stacy London Arthur Russell - Home Away From Home (Andy Stott Refix) - Stacy London

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