Episode 029 - Alcoholic Angular

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In this episode, we’re joined by our special guest, Ayşegül Yönet, a Software Engineer Autodesk, who will help us discuss the popular Google JavaScript framework Angular. In the episode, we discuss the benefits of leveraging Angular and what the major differences are from Angular 1 and Angular 2. Guest: Ayşegül Yönet Items mentioned in the episode: Angular, Autodesk, Reddit, React, Scope, Knockout, Igor Minar, ASP.Net, Vue JS, Laravel, PHP, Visual Studio, Google Wave, Google Reader, Zone JS, Ember, TypeScript, Forward JS, RxJS, Frontend Masters,, Pluralsight, John Papa, Angular Style Guide, Angular CLI, Closure Picks: Yoga Trapeze Swing - Ayşegül Yönet Google Home - Ayşegül Yönet Girl Develop It - Ayşegül Yönet Annie Cannons - Ayşegül Yönet NG-Cruise - Ryan Burgess Astral - Ryan Burgess Private Internet Access - Jem Young Elcomsoft - Jem Young Omni - Derrick Showers Fernet - Derrick Showers Aysegul's Twitter - Brian Holt Southern Poverty Law Center - Brian Holt Todd Motto - Brian Holt Lighthouse - Stacy London Peak Magnetic by Clark - Stacy London

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