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We’ve all started somewhere. JavaScript isn’t always an easy language to learn. In this episode, we’re joined by Gordon Zhu, who teaches workshops on JavaScript at Watch and Code. We are also joined by Luis Vargas, a Senior Manager on Global Payments at Netflix who has recently been learning JavaScript and has attended one of Gordon’s workshops. In this episode, we all talk about our journey of learning JavaScript and ways we’ve worked through it. Items mentioned in the episode ColdFusion, PHP, Flash, ASP.NET, jQuery, MooTools, Dojo, Backbone, Python, Reddit, Eclipse, Eloquent JavaScript, You Don't Know JS, Speaking JavaScript, CD Baby, Frontend Masters Picks Watch and Code - Gordon Zhu Ten Things I Have Learned - Milton Glaser - Gordon Zhu Watch and Code - Luis Vargas Industrial noise blocking headphones - Luis Vargas Derek Sivers - Luis Vargas Austin Maples - Idle Hand Tattoo - Ryan Burgess Fluid Paint - Ryan Burgess Abstract - Ryan Burgess The Expanse - Ryan Anklam Kahn Academy - Intro To Storytelling - Ryan Anklam New Day - Radio Edit by Xavier Eleven - Ryan Anklam Schiit Fulla - Brian Holt Synology - Brian Holt Forward JS - Mars Jullian Chrome Canary - Loads CSS Progressively - Stacy London Code School - Stacy London RVK by Nathan Fake - Stacy London

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