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In this episode, we’re joined by Julie Horvath, a Design Lead at Apple to help us talk about design. We discuss ways to help improve the collaboration between designers and frontend developers. Julie shares her perspective on building great user experiences for low-bandwidth internet speeds and how taking a progressive enhancement approach can be beneficial to the user. Picks Middleman - Julie Horvath CSS Modules - Julie Horvath BEM - Julie Horvath Baskets - Julie Horvath Long Division - Julie Horvath ACLU - Julie Horvath East of West - Julie Horvath Kehlani - Sweet Sexy Savage - Julie Horvath Adobe Illustrator - Ryan Burgess Homebrew Cask - Ryan Burgess U.S. Web Design Standards - Augustus Yuan Panda - Augustus Yuan ACLU - Jem Young Frontier - Jem Young InVision - Derrick Showers Google Voice - Derrick Showers Smashrun - Ryan Anklam Rollup JS - Ryan Anklam ACLU - Brian Holt InVision - Stacy London Ghostly - Stacy London

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