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Ember is a growing JavaScript framework that large companies like LinkedIn are using for their web application. In this episode, we are joined by Stacy London from Atlassian to discuss the advantages and disadvantages of leveraging Ember as a JavaScript framework. Items mentioned in the episode Ember, React, Angular, Ember a11y, Ember Fastboot, Ember Resolver, Frontend Masters, Ember Community Slack, Ember Conf, Ember Docs, Yehuda Katz, Django, Computed Properties, Obervables, Firebase, Handlebars, Mustache, Backbone, ASP.Net, Virtual DOM, Rust, Swift, Tom Dale, Kyle Simpson, Stefan Penner, Nathan Hammond, Chad Hietala, Brendan McLoughlin, Lauren Tan (Sugar Pirate), Erik Bryn, Jafar Husain, Mike North Picks Crimetown - Ryan Burgess Hip-Hop Evolution - Ryan Burgess The OA - Ryan Burgess Ember Twiddle - Derrick Showers Dockyard - Derrick Showers Ember Community Slack - Derrick Showers Webpack - Brian Holt Preact - Brian Holt Mike North - Brian Holt CSS Grid - Stacy London Girl Develop It - Stacy London

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