Episode 021 - Mixed drinks and mixed languages

Front End Happy Hour,

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Have you had to deal with supporting more than one language in your web application? Offering content in several languages makes a better experience for your users but it can add many layers of complexity in your application’s design and architecture. In this episode, we’ll be discussing the ways we have dealt with supporting multiple languages. Items mentioned in the episode Google Translate, React INTL, Weebly, Squarespace, Jekyll, Wordpress, Drupal, Pootle, Wasted on Workflows Picks Oliver Stone's Untold History of the United States - Ryan Burgess Purity Ring - Another Eternity - Ryan Burgess - Augustus Yuan Moral Machine - Augustus Yuan HTC Vive - Jem Young The Crown - Jem Young The Setup - Derrick Showers Kitura - Derrick Showers SF Chronicle - Brian Holt Washington Post - Brian Holt Quick Draw with Google - Brian Holt

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