Episode 018 - Shotgunning websites: web performance

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Users are extremely sensitive to web performance. The slightest change in a website’s load time can impact a user staying or going. In this episode we talk about ways to help improve web performance and why it’s so important. Items mentioned in the episode Amazon found every 100ms of latency cost them 1% in sales, Page speed correlates to business metrics at, For Google, 400ms of increased page load time, results in 0,44% lost search sessions, The Social Network, Large DDoS attacks cause outages at Twitter, Spotify, and other sites, Google Page Rank, AMP, 2G Tuesdays, Gzip, Wordpress, Forward JS, WebPageTest, PageSpeed, Gulp, Grunt, npm, Broccoli, Glimmer, GWT, React, Ember, Angular, Debugging Node.js in Production Picks Caplansky's Deli - Ryan Burgess React Perf Tool - Ryan Burgess FlameGraph - Augustus Yuan Real-time performance audit with Chrome DevTools - Augustus Yuan Week of learning - Derrick Showers Black Mirror - Derrick Showers Man In The High Castle - Derrick Showers Bridge Troll - Sarah Federman Page Weight - Sarah Federman CSS Triggers - Sarah Federman

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