Episode 016 - Spilled beer and epic fails

Front End Happy Hour,

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As an engineer we build things, but we also make mistakes or introduce bugs into the software we write. In this episode, we share horror stories of things that we’ve experienced in our careers and how we’ve learned from them. Hopefully, this episode helps you avoid making similar mistakes. Items mentioned in the episode Flash, Sass, Python, PHP, Chartbeat, SRE, Reddit Marketplace, Full Stack TO, Wordpress, Nagios, Jenkins Picks React plus X: Best Practices for Reusable UI Components - Mars Jullian - Ryan Burgess React Rally 2016 videos - Ryan Burgess I got scammed by a Silicon Valley startup - Augustus Yuan React Game Kit - Augustus Yuan A Very Secret Service - Jem Young APEX: The Story of the Hypercar - Jem Young Polarheart - Brian Holt Traveling - Brian Holt GitHub Universe conference - Sarah Federman Oh Shit Git - Sarah Federman

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