Episode 014 - Hangovers and hotels: engineer conferences

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Conferences continue to be a great way to learn and grow as an engineer. In the 14th episode of the Front End Happy Hour podcast we discuss the value of conferences and why you might want to attend. It’s a special episode because we recorded at React Rally in Salt Lake City. At the conference we caught up with a lot of great attendees and speakers to hear about their experiences at conferences and the benefits for attending. Items mentioned in the episode React Rally, Fluent Conference, Scotland JS, FITC, Adobe Max, Jamison Dance, Matt Zabriskie, React JS, Pete Hunt, Stranger Things, Xoxo, Recruiter episode Picks V-moda m-100 headphones - Ryan Burgess Deadmau5 Stranger Things Cover - Ryan Burgess Emojipedia - Jem Young Tron Legacy Reconfigured - Jem Young Disclosure - You & Me - Flume remix - Ryan Anklam Zamst Knee Brace - Ryan Anklam

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