S2:E8 - Getting started on open source when you don't know where to start (Richard Schneeman)

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You want to get started in open source, but where do you start? How do you pick a repo? And once you do, what's the best way to help out, especially if it's your first time? Richard Schneeman is here to help. He's the creator of Code Triage, where you can sign up for repos and get an open issue sent to your inbox. He talks about different ways first-timers can get started, and how small contributions can be incredibly impactful. He also shares some hilarious stories from his own coding adventures.

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Richard Schneeman

Richard Schneeman is a lead engineer at Heroku. He loves Open Source and maintains 50+ libraries with over 556 million downloads. Richard is the creator of a web app to help developers get started contributing to Open Source.

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