S1:EP5 – How to learn React and React Native on a deadline (Kim Goulbourne, Brent Vatne)

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Kim’s a designer and developer who’s always had a side project. But her latest project was a bit different. Not only did she have to learn a new framework (React), she had to learn it and build her app in a few weeks to make her very public deadline. She shares her process for learning a new javascript framework, and the frustrations she experienced even as a seasoned developer. We also hear from Brent Vatne on how to get started with React and React Native. And for a mini technical deep dive, we unpack the virtual dom, a key feature in React, in our new segment, the Coding Corner.

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Kim Goulbourne

Kim Goulbourne is a Jamaican, award-winning designer and chronic creator, creating a variety of projects under her alias Bourn. She's worked as a design consultant at thoughtbot helping small and big companies create and validate digital products. Throughout her tenure at previous agencies, Ogilvy, Wondersauce and R/GA, she worked on various brand projects from large companies such as IBM, Verizon and Foursquare to newer startups like Vialoure, Master & Dynamic and treStique.

Brent Vatne

Brent is a developer at Expo, core contributor to React Native.

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