Ep. 139 – Codeland - Gaming Talks from Jessica Rudder and Opher Vishnia

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In our second episode of our Codeland miniseries, we dig into our talks on gaming and code. Jessica shows us how we can use failure to become better developers with lessons from the video gaming industry. Opher shows us a number of ways to use video game principles to make our web apps more exciting. To watch the videos of these talks, checkout our channel on YouTube.

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Jessica Rudder and Opher Vishnia

Jessica Rudder is a recovering perfectionist that learns to code through a combination of reading, asking colleagues and banging her head against a wall. When she's not helping to build Flatiron School's Learn platform, she can be found training for ultra marathons on the streets of NYC or creating code-related videos on YouTube for CompChomp. Opher is a multidisciplinary creator, invested in many fields like computer science, art, music, design and game development. For the past three years, he has worked at Eko as lead creative developer and the go-to authority on client-side web technologies.

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