Top 3 skills to become a successful freelancer

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A person who seeks freelance telecom jobs should be someone well enough trained in the field that they seek employment.. However, there are many high paying entry level jobs as a freelancer.

1) Online research

Often companies or entrepreneurs need to know what companies offer a certain product, make a list of websites with certain characteristics or get contact data from a large number of entities, just to give some examples. For all these cases, the only skills that you need to have is knowing how to read and use a search engine.

2) Test web applications and software

It is often identified as QA or testing, this is a crucial activity in any computer development, since it is the way to detect problems, bugs or even usability flaws in a program. In summary, it consists of using a program in different ways to verify that it works well and as expected.

3) Text revision

Did you ever write and revise a text so many times that it is no longer possible to realize if it is clear or if it contains errors? It is very common, and that is why there are many people and companies willing to pay someone to read a text and verify that it is well written, transmits a clear message and has no spelling errors.

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