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Mohammad Shaddad,

barmij.lypreview is an online platform serving the global technology community: Professionals, Students and anyone interested in technology and looking for resources to learn a new skill. Our primary objective is to be an enabler that helps technologists advance their existing skills or acquire new ones by providing them with high quality resources that are just a click, or a touch, away.

Hint: is the Arabic for: develop for me!

Whether it's via courses, tutorials, blogs, podcasts or tips, we will be talking about a vast array of technologies and topics that are required or for everyone with a career in technology. Whether it’s Programming Languages (PHP, JAVA, .NET, NodeJs, etc.) or trends (AI, Machine Learning, Cloud Computing, Big Data, etc.) or Practices (Agile Development, Architecture Practices, etc.) and many more.

Why are we doing this?

We are passionate about technology, and we are passionate about living systems. We are not just another education and training platform, we see a gap in how people learn, and reap the benefit of their learning. And we are working on bridging this gap. We believe when done right, will be of great benefit to everyone.

Ok! how can I help?

We are always excited about others using our platform to spread the knowledge. To contribute, simply write a post now.

We are also open to new ideas and feedback, if you have any suggestions on content or format, or would like to share your experience and knowledge through our platform, do let us know.

Why should I become a contributor?

Well, why not? We've all had our humble beginnings, we've always looked for resources and help from others. By becoming a contributor, you can: 

  • Give back: we all learned something from someone, now you can give back to the masses
  • Learn more: in addition to practice, teaching helps us learn more. By trying to pass the information to others, we look into more details and the best way to communicate the information
  • It's a win-win situation, don't you think?

We currently use a WYSIWYG editor for writing posts, we are also working on a Markdown editor that will be launched soon; as soon as we fix a couple of the critical bugs!

If you would like to contribute a more advanced content, like video tutorials, podcasts, or even a course, drop us a line at, we've got something for you.

Where are we?

We call the King Hussein Business Park in Amman, Jordan,; aka HOME. And as much as we love being around our fellow entrepreneurs at the GROW building, sometimes, we enjoy the occasional getaway to get some work done offsite. We find that the best ideas come out when you are coding by the beach!

If you would like to reach us, then the best way is to drop us a line at We would love to hear what you think of us, or what new features and cool stuff you would like to see here. Oh, and we are always up for a geek-to-geek chat.

Our journey has just begun. We will share our knowledge, experience and passion for technology over here, and we hope you do too.

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What level is this content for?

We've all had our humble beginnings, it's our hard learned experiences that got us to master our code. We will all learn something sharing our knowledge, leave a legacy and write a post now.
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Mohammad Shaddad
Mohammad Shaddad

Mohammad is a technology consultant and entrepreneur with big passion for technology and living systems; aka software communities. He enjoys mentoring other programmers and entrepreneurs, as well as creating new things. Mohammad is the founder of @barmijly and @nafaqati. He currently spends his time between Amman.JO and Dubai.AE.